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Last Database Update - October 24, 2021 at 11:47 AM UTC
Added WBW-DC-NJ-COU-01 Dear Aery by Lee Ning Jiang & WBW-DC-TCW-AVG-2 Unbreak the H'earth by Bernard Jericho Velasco

Getting Started as a DDAL Dungeon Master

Getting started is free and easy.  You only need these two items to start your journey into the world of Dungeons & Dragons Adventurers League.

Additional DDAL Items. While not required as a DM, you may find theses resources helpful.

Official D&D Adventure League Sites

Resources for Hosting Your DDAL Game Online

These are external links to resources thar will be helpful to those wishing to DM online.

Learn How to DM Online

Virtual Tabletop Software (VTT)

Communications Software (Voice)

Official Discord Servers

You can also visit these sites for more information on Adventures.

DDAL Legal Adventure Resources

Our relational database is now in live. Check it out and see if you find issues or have suggestions to improve it.

Currently our database contains details on over 1000 DDAL Legal Modules by over 400 Authors, and we are adding new ones every day. You are able to Query by Season, Tier, APL, Title,and of course Author; as well as have a direct link on where to aquire it if still available.  The database is updated daily.  If you know of a DDAL adventure that is not listed or encounter an issue with the website, email webmaster@ddaldm.com with the details.